''As a self-taught guitar player of some 45 years I decided to have professional lessons with Tony 2 years ago because I wanted to have a better understanding of music theory and the guitar fretboard to improve my lead guitar playing. Tony has worked with me to identify specific guitar solos to work on and we’ve dissected them, examined their theoretical frameworks and broken them down to enable me to play them.  He has also identified and made available a wealth of resources that assist my learning between lessons. Tony’s patient style, gentle critique and regular encouragement have transformed my understanding of music and most importantly my playing; Every lesson is thoroughly enjoyable so I’ve no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to further develop their guitar skills. Since the Covid19 outbreak stopped us meeting up we’ve continued with on-line platforms which are working really well for us. My development continues!''

David Moore January 2021

''Tony has coached my son at guitar for some time now. He gets excellent work out of my son and he enjoys every lesson. My son has improved enormously since being taught by Tony, he tells me that Tony makes lessons fun and introduces him to great music.'' -

Joanne July 19, 2014. 

"Tony is a competent musician, professional and ethical in his guitar teaching. He provides guitar lessons that are individually structured to meet the needs of his students and is supporting and encouraging in his approach. He is reflective in his role and applies this to his teaching. He is trustworthy, consistently working to develop his musical skills and knowledge and open to sharing this with others." Paul W. March 2011

"Tony Sheldon is a highly skilled teacher, his 26 years experience is a rare and important asset.  Whether studying electric or classical you will be in safe hands as Tony is an excellent player having taken many pupils up to and including grade 8. Having myself studied with five different teachers he is one of the most well organised and professional I know. You can be assured of well structured and efficient learning." Tim Edwards DipABRSM, professional performer and teacher

"I started to learn acoustic guitar in a class setting. Being in my fifties I realised that this was a challenge beyond my scope. Not to be put off, however, a friend recommended Tony. I knew whoever I went to would need to be patient, with a good sense of humour. I soon realised that Tony met my criteria fully and after continuing to struggle with the acoustic guitar I eventually found that the classical guitar was the 'best fit' for me. I chose not to study for grades as I play purely for pleasure and relaxation. After four years I continue to have weekly lessons and my skills continue to develop. Tony is an excellent teacher, he was quick to realise how I learn and is very flexible in his approach." Janice G. April 2011

"My son Joe has probably been having lessons with Tony for round about 5 years, since he was only young. Tony is a great teacher and really inspirational, his skills are exceptional. They work hard in the lessons and get excellent results in exams but also have fun because Tony somehow adapts to the individual student and teaches in a way my son enjoys, they have a real rapport with each other and Joe always looks forward to his lesson, even after all these years... thanks Tony" Debbie H. May 2011

"Tony Sheldon started teaching me classical guitar when I was 11 years old. Although I was not the best of pupils and did not always practice as I ought to have done, Tony managed to get me through 5 Trinity grades, all with either Merit or Distinction! He is very patient, thorough and kind and gets the best out if his pupils by finding pieces of music to spark their enthusiasm and interest. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tony to both state schooled and home educated families and children and adults alike - you will be glad you hired him!" Melandra Smith Freelance Senior US-UK English Translator/Proofreader, Copywriter, Social Media Advisor and Business Support Services. May 2014