Classical (Nylon string) Guitar

The Guitarist's Way series of books (and other publications) by Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth provide a well structured course for both younger students and adults. Solo Guitar Playing by Frederick Noad can also be used in the lessons for a more comprehensive course of tuition.

I have found these books to be the most successful over the years but I am always willing to look at any books that the student wishes to bring along to the lesson.

These are supplemented with graded material giving the student the option of entering the Trinity College London examinations.

As a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors  I can also offer tuition for the LCM Classical Guitar grades.

Taking examinations is by no means essential to improvement but working through the material is an excellent way of measuring progress.

All classical guitar music is written in traditional notation using the treble clef.

Steel String Acoustic and Electric Guitar

After a foundation course including holding the guitar, posture, warm - ups, chord playing, basic lead guitar techniques and understanding  rhythm notation, students can move on to more advanced lessons tailored to their musical tastes.

Finger-style playing, pentatonic, blues scale study and improvisation are also covered using my own material together with a selection of songs and instrumentals.

Publications I have used in the past include Metal Lead Guitar by Troy Stetina and Blues You Can Use by John Ganapes but I am happy to look at any suitable tutor book or song transcription and provide help with technique, fingerings etc.

I also provide tuition for the Rockschool electric and acoustic guitar, RGT LCM Rock Guitar grades and the RGT LCM Acoustic grades.

All electric and acoustic guitar music is written in music and guitar tablature (TAB) or chord chart form.